Prerequisites for International Students

Ph.D. Prerequisite Courses

Applicants to the Doctor of Philosophy Program must complete the following courses prior to entering the program: statistics and nursing research.  Please see descriptions below.

Statistics: An upper division introductory or equivalent biostatistics course (equivalent of 4 quarter units), which covers the topics of distributions, sampling, tests of hypotheses, estimation, types of error, significance and confidence intervals, and sample sizes (Biostatistics 100A at UCLA).

Nursing Research: A graduate level course in nursing research, equivalent to 4 quarter units, with content that focuses on complex research designs and analysis of multiple variables with the interrelationship of theoretical framework, design, sample selection, data collection instruments, and data analysis techniques analyzed in depth.  (Nursing 204 at UCLA). BS-PhD pathway applicants must have completed an undergraduate level research course.

Students are required to have basic computer skills prior to admission