Application Procedure for International Students

Application Procedure

Students are admitted for the fall quarter only. This year, the Graduate Division application and the School of Nursing supplemental application have been combined into one online application found at You do not have to submit 2 separate applications. Please note that the priority deadline to submit your application is December 1st.

Each doctoral application file is evaluated individually by three faculty. Preference is given to applicants who demonstrate the capacity for original scholarship and nursing research as evidenced by submitted papers or publications, consistent research objectives and career goals, and research objectives congruent with those of the faculty in the School of Nursing. Scholarly verbal and written communication skills are essential for success in the doctoral program.

Items that you must submit as part of your online application:

    In two to three typewritten pages, identify your educational objectives and career goals. Your clinical and educational goals must be congruent with the resources available. Please include the following:

    • Identify the main area of clinical study and/or health issues you wish to pursue, and a specific focus within this area. 
    • Specify outcomes you wish from doctoral study in relation to your identified area of clinical study and research.  How do you expect doctoral study at UCLA to facilitate your career goals?
    • Why did you select the PhD program at UCLA?  What contribution do you expect to make to the nursing profession after earning the degree?
    • If you have had contact with UCLA faculty about your application to doctoral study, please identify that faculty and describe the nature of the contact (for example, conversations at professional meetings, conversations over the telephone, preparation of a research or fellowship application for funding purposes). Please upload the document into the online Graduate Division application.
    Please upload your resume to the online application.
    4 are required. You do not need to send your recommenders the form. Once you fill out their contact information in the online application, they will automatically be sent a link to complete the form.
    Please send 1 official copy of transcript from the school at which you completed your Bachelor's and/or Master's degree(s). We also require 1 official copy of transcripts from other schools at which you completed prerequisite classes.

    Please send official transcripts  and any other supporting documentation to:

Student Affairs Office
2-150 Factor Building
Box 951702
Los Angeles, Ca. 90095-1702


Processing of Applications:

Mark Covin:  
Rhonda Flenoy Younger: