M.B.A./M.S.N. in Nursing Administration Specialty

Effective for Fall 2015 entry, admission to the MSN in Nursing Administration program is suspended.

What is the MBA/MSN?

The MBA/MSN program is a three-year concurrent degree program jointly sponsored by The UCLA Anderson School of Management and the UCLA School of Nursing. Graduating students
will be awarded both the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree. The MBA/MSN program is for individuals who desire a management career in healthcare or as a consultant and who wish in-depth professional preparation for such a career. This program reflects the combined interest of employers, faculty, and students who have recognized the challenges of managing in healthcare delivery within the context of health care reforms and the need for individuals prepared for these challenges. In the past, students who wished to obtain both degrees have had to take one program after the other, a process that usually took four years. By careful arrangement of the respective curricula, this program allows both degrees to be earned in three years.


How are these combined degrees different from the regular MBA and MSN degrees?

There is very little difference. Students wishing to pursue the concurrent degree program must meet the entrance and total course requirements established for each of the respective
degrees. The MBA/MSN program can be completed in three years by having certain courses accepted for degree credit concurrently in both schools.


Why spend three years obtaining both degrees? Why not merely get an MBA or an MSN?

The MBA provides the student with a foundation in general management. It does not necessarily prepare students for any particular industry or field (e.g. retailing, insurance, or health care). The MSN, on the other hand, gives the student a comprehensive understanding of nursing administration and management skills to use in leading patient-centered care delivery innovations and quality improvement initiatives, but is not able to focus on such areas as marketing, business law and information systems. The dual degree program offers an intensive education in both areas.


Are there any restrictions on the courses that a student in the combined program can take?

Within the School of Nursing, the primary area of concentration is in nursing science and administration. Within Anderson, concurrent degree students may not take elective coursework outside of Anderson. Otherwise, in the management elective curriculum, there are no other restrictions of courses to take. However, the following areas of study are recommended: accounting, information systems, finance, marketing, strategy, and organization.


Can students already pursuing one or the other degree switch to the combined program?

Yes, UCLA students in their first year of either the MBA or the MSN degree program may submit an application to be accepted as a candidate for the other degree. However, each school has its
own entrance requirements, and there is no guarantee that because an individual is already a student in good standing in one school that he or she will be accepted by the other.


How do I apply to the MBA/MSN Program?

To apply to the MBA/MSN Program, applicants should request application materials from both Anderson and the School of Nursing. Separate committees make admission decisions for the concurrent program from the School of Nursing and The Anderson School. Applicants must be fully qualified for admission to both schools to be admitted to the combined program.


How can further information on the MBA/MSN be obtained?

Group information sessions are offered by appointment at UCLA Anderson nearly every week throughout the year. Sign up online athttp://www.anderson.ucla.edu/mba/events/ or with short notice, call (310) 825-6944.

Admissions Information Sessions are held at the School of Nursing (SON) once or twice a month throughout the year. Potential applicants can call (310) 825-7181 for counseling dates or check the SON website at http://nursing.ucla.edu/body.cfm?id=317. For additional information, contact the following representatives:

Jessica Chung
Associate Director of Admissions
UCLA Anderson
110 Westwood Plaza, Suite B201
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1481
(310) 825-6944

Rhonda Flenoy-Younger
Director of Recruitment, Outreach and Admissions
School of Nursing
2-634 Factor Bldg.
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1702
(310) 825-9193

Faculty Advisors available for further consultation:

Victor Tabbush
Adjunct Professor
UCLA Anderson
110 Westwood Plaza, Box 951481
(310) 825-9169

Dr. Linda Searle Leach
Assistant Professor
School of Nursing
3-234 Factor Bldg. Box 691721
(310) 825-4606


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